Project: Essity Phase 2, Prudhoe Mill
Client: Essity
Main Contractor: Robertson
Value: £3.2 million

The Challenge

Hewitson Ltd undertook the construction of a new recycling plant for Robertsons, an intriguing project featuring extensive FRC (Formed Reinforced Concrete) work. The facility was designed to house a variety of machines essential for its operations, necessitating a comprehensive package that included foundations, drainage, services, external slabs, and intricate FRC works. Among the most challenging aspects were the construction of a new Wetlap Pit and the Flotation Cell. Additionally, the project faced numerous design changes throughout its course, adding to the complexity.


The Solution

To address the complexities of the FRC design and the frequent design changes, Hewitson Ltd implemented a highly adaptive and detail-oriented approach. Collaboration with the client and design team was intensified to ensure all modifications were promptly integrated into the construction process without disrupting the project timeline. Advanced planning and flexible resource allocation allowed the team to respond effectively to the evolving design requirements.

For the intricate FRC works, particularly the Wetlap Pit and Flotation Cell, specialized techniques and precision engineering were employed. Rigorous quality control measures were instituted to ensure the structural integrity and functionality of these critical components. The use of innovative construction methods and state-of-the-art equipment facilitated the successful execution of the complex FRC tasks.


The Results:

The construction of the new recycling plant for Robertsons was completed successfully, highlighting Hewitson Ltd’s proficiency in managing complex FRC projects and adapting to ongoing design changes. The team’s ability to maintain high standards of quality and precision ensured that the Wetlap Pit and Flotation Cell were constructed effectively, meeting all operational requirements.

Despite the challenges, the project was delivered on time and within budget, demonstrating Hewitson Ltd’s capability to handle intricate designs and dynamic project conditions. This successful delivery reinforced the company’s reputation for excellence in construction, particularly in projects involving sophisticated engineering and frequent design adaptations.



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